Techniques | Sacramento Marketing Branding Agency

Techniques | Sacramento Marketing Branding Agency

Techniques for a Positive Rep Online Direct From a Sacramento Marketing Branding Agency


When you have a business model to be a success you want to brand yourself. To do that you will want to make contact with the most successful Sacramento Marketing Branding Agency around. Corvus is here to help you with all of your branding needs. We realize that in order to maintain a positive reputation online for ourselves and our clients there are certain techniques that must be utilized.


  • Active: You cannot just count on the reviews written by customers or the local company news and press releases to keep your company in the light of your audience. You have to be actively searching for new ways your product or service can be used. Share those and be an advocate of them as well as your own business.
  • More than writing: Videos or Vlogging actually rank very high on the food chain in regards to the internet ranking. Ask your customers to make a video of them using or reusing your products and services.
  • Blogs: It is crucial to have a blog. Maintaining it and making sure you include other content, not just of your own company, shows you are not the narcissistic type and are not only concerned with yourself. Blogging is also a great way to get out there on social media and grow your fan base with real people. This will attract much more traffic than you may ever imagine so be prepared for the growth in business.
  • Control: This is important. Be in control of your search engine results page [SERP] from start to finish. You cannot just throw out some keywords and expect the search engines to do the rest. Be in control of not only your business but the way it is portrayed online to potential clients and customers.


Corvus is more than prepared to help you with any, all, and more of these techniques when it comes to branding your business. Contact our office today in order to schedule an assessment and learn how Corvus can help you today.

Techniques |  Sacramento Marketing Branding Agency