Sacramento Kings
BeHeard Campaign

Advertising, Marketing Strategy, Street Teams
About This Project

Corvus Communications is proud to be part of one of the largest community movements in Sacramento History.  In a bid to keep the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento, The BeHeard campaign was born in Sacramento.  Corvus orchestrated on of the most difficult street team/awareness campaigns in their long history of being the professionals in street marketing.  One Sunday evening, several weeks before the vote to keep the Kings, all of Sac went to bed and when they awoke for work on Monday, the streets were covered with thousands of BeHeard signs.  It took 8, tw0-person teams, working 10 hour shifts from 10:00pm to 8:00am to hit Downtown, Midtown, East Sac, Greater Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, West Sac and South Sac.  This was a precise, coordinated event that took a lot of planning and foresight to pull off, but Corvus was up to the challenge.  In the following weeks, we also coordinated brand ambassadors to interact with local business during events to further spread awareness.


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