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About This Project

The Midtown Autoworks brand and website, solely orchestrated by Corvus Communications, raised the bar for what was expected in the owner operated sector of luxury repair shops.  There were several well established repair shops that have been in the Sacramento Area for decades with 50+ years experience in comparison to Midtown’s new and relatively unknown service shop.  The weakness of the existing competitors was not at all the service they provided, but the effectiveness of their websites and Site Engine Optimization, or lack of.  Corvus developed a striking, informative WordPress website that was extremely optimized for organic search results without using Pay-Per-Click technology.  Midtown’s foothold on popular web browsers was nearly immediate and is so well-rooted that they continue to rank first on Google, more than 5 years later.  From searching for “Sacramento Porsche Mechanic” and “Mercedes Repair Sacramento” to “Porsche Repair Shop Sacramento” and “Sacramento Mercedes Technician”, Midtown Autoworks’ online presence has changed the game for ever.  As a matter of fact, after the first six months, all major competitors revamped their websites to highly optimized websites with blogs to be able to compete on a more level field with Midtown.  No matter what the competitors do, Midtown Autoworks remains #1 on Google for only one reason – Corvus Communications.


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