From logos, to websites, to strategy, Corvus Communications will develop, coordinate, and implement all the moving parts
that make a successful marketing campaign that resonates with your customers and grows your business.
Our Name

The word Corvus, by definition, is the type genus of the Corvidae: crows and ravens. Also known as corvids, these birds are considered highly intelligent and work together well in teams to solve problems.  What better name for what we are, an eclectic group of marketers, designers and consultants solving simple and complex problems for our clients.

Our Culture

We were all friends before we were marketers.  Corvus is like a very strange, but loving family.  We like to approach each day with enthusiasm and a very unique type of energy.  We guarantee there are not too many firms like ours out there and we like that.  We take everything seriously, except ourselves.

Our Promise

Our clients are extensions of our Corvus Family, whose needs rank as high as our own.  We will always do what we say and can be counted on.  It is in our best interest to keep our client’s best interest in mind.  Plus, it makes us feel all warm and toasty inside.


YOUR BRAND IS EVERYTHING. It is the first thing you project out to the market, and once it is out there, it is how you will be perceived and remembered. Whether designing your brnad from the beginning, or re-branding a dated or outlived brand, Corvus will carefully research then develop based on your product or service, your company culture and your position in the marketplace.


Corvus creates stunning websites exclusively in WordPress. WordPress is extremely optimizable and very easy to manage. We work with our clients to develope a website based on their needs, while maintaining the asthetics needed to compete in a world saturated with websites. We focus on what the website needs to do, while always keeping the brand and messagin in mind.

SEO-Site Engine Optimization

Corvus offers different SEO packages depending on how much you want to be involved in the process. The more you are involved, the greater the discount. Corvus always seeks out a win-win, and this is where we are unique in the industry. Corvus can teach you the basics of SEO, empowering you to manage a large portion of it, while leaving the confusing behind the scenes publishing and optimizing to us.


Corvus Communications has specialized in Creative Graphic Design since its inception in 2009. Understanding what the client wants, many times before they even really know what they want, and creating a graphical representation of this understanding is an acquired skill set, and one that not every company can pull off. Corvus hedges its bets by doing a lot of the handwork in the front of a project. Interviews, worksheets and research are used to get a strong idea of what the client’s needs are, long before we start designing.


After running a successful clothing line for nearly a decade, with 5 years of cataloging and over 200 designs, we have unparalleled expertise in designing and procuring merchandise of the highest quality. The take away: We know textile manufacturing and merchandising like the back of our hand. With many of our manufacturing contacts still intact, Corvus can design and produce any and all merchandise a company may need, from corporate event and fundraising shirts, to retail design and trade show gifts.


Marketing your company is not as simple as some people think. Often times, it is a combination of many things. Look at your overall marketing strategy as a a symphony of several instruments that work together to play the best song. Not only do you need a great website with good SEO, or marketing materials and a strong logo, but you will also need an implementation plan that allows you to get the most benefits and return on your investment.


From our humble beginnings as a clothing line, our strongest weapon was getting “shoes on the pavement” and utilizing Street Teams to spread awareness. Our teams interacting with the target market was what we liked to call “Strategic-Word-Of-Mouth”. It’s like your best friend, that you just met, tells you where to find the best carnitas in sacramento(El Novillero). Our educated, polite and charismatic teams need just a couple minutes to relay their message and get you thinking about the product in hand. Our execution, proof of action, and detailed reporting helped us land clients like Feld Entertainment, Sacramento Kings, and Ebay.


Many Marketing firms will say they can do anything, but in the case of Corvus, we CAN do anything. Although we like to take unique approaches to marketing, we’re not to shabby at the more traditional advertising avenues. From Ad Buys and Outdoor Media to Public Relations and Press Releases, we offer the entire gambit of advertising services. Our in-house team is extremely versatile and capable of taking on any project, and if we need some more help to succeed for our clients, we team up with some of the best companies in Sacramento.


Not all Social Media is created equal. Corvus will structure a social media strategy that works for your business and appeals directly to your demographic. With thousands of social media sites, from networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) and microblogging (Twitter, Tumblr) to photo sharing (Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest) and video sharing (YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Vimeo), not all businesses can benefit from all the social media sites. Corvus will identify which ones will work best for your business, build a tailored strategy, and implement that strategy if needed.

We are on our fifth project with Corvus, and once again, the team delivers!
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