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Brand awareness is crucial for a product or service to be successful. Corvus, a Sacramento based Marketing Firm and Ad Agency, can create a personalty and identity for your business that best relates to your target audience.  Our goal is to establish your brand as the best in the business.  We can help your customers answer these questions,  “why choose this brand, why is this brand better?  What’s in it for me?”

Along with a visual brand identity, Corvus can create a brand identity that is essential  to consumer recognition and realizes the brand’s differentiation from competitors.

Consulting also includes marketing strategies, apparel development (vertically integrated experience), and merchandising.

Creative Graphic Design

With visual communication such as graphic design and photography, Corvus creates mental images specifically made for your target audience.  Visual Communication goes hand in hand with your brand.

Designing your logo, apparel, merchandise, packaging, website and collateral must all be in sync with your branding strategies. You can’t afford to cut corners.

Street Team Marketing / Grass Roots Marketing

The word Corvus, by definition, is the type genus of the Corvidae: crows and ravens. Also known as corvids, these birds are considered highly intelligent and work together well in teams to solve problems.  A group of crows, ravens or black birds is called a Murder. The proprietary name we have given are street promotion teams is The Murder.

The Murder has one goal, to spread awareness about a brand to the public. Corvus will identify the public places where the campaign can be developed, create relationships with these high traffic public place, and aggressively create publicity on the streets.  In essence, Corvus pulls out the oldest marketing trick in the book, word of mouth.

Corvus, in turn, leverages the psychological aspect of street teaming. When a customer sees a campaign over and over, the repetitive impressions of the brand stays in their minds and increases possibility that the campaign will be remembered.

Currently campaigning major cities in the United States.

Sacramento Marketing Firm and Ad Agency






About Corvus


From logos, to websites, to strategy, Corvus will develop, coordinate and implement all the moving parts that make a successful marketing campaign that resonate with your customers and grow your business.


The word Corvus, by definition, is the type genus of the Corvidae: crows and ravens. Also known as corvids, these birds are considered highly intelligent and work together well in teams to solve problems.  What better name for what we are, an eclectic group of marketers, designers and consultants solving simple and complex problems for our clients. 


We were all friends before we were marketers.  Corvus is like a very strange, but loving family.  We like to approach each day with enthusiasm and a very unique type of energy.  We guarantee there are not too many firms like ours out there and we like that.  We take everything seriously, except ourselves.


Our clients are extensions of our Corvus Family, whose needs rank as high as our own.  We will always do what we say and can be counted on.  It is in our best interest to keep our client’s best interest in mind.  Plus, it makes us feel all warm and toasty inside.



Corvus did a great job.
They were professional and forward thinking.


The building blocks to your brand

Our services

Brand Development

Logo Design

Street Teams/Ambassadors

Web Design

Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Management

Marketing Strategy

Ad Campaigns



The first meeting is on us.

Let’s learn about each other. We are not a cookie cutter firm.

Every campaign is tailor made to you with regards to your budget and needs.

Tell us about your business and your customers, and we will tell you about

our approach and provide tangible samples of our award winning work.

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We are on our fifth project with Corvus,
and once again, the team delivers!


The most important thing

Client Feedback

We like making people smile

We could talk for hours about how good we are and efficient but your opinion will always be the truest and most important. We are the creative agency with 99.9% of satisfied customers.

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